Tour is drawing near

Well we are playing just a shit ton of shows lately and its been a lot of fun. We backed up Cloud Dog for two shows and then played outside a bar. We have a show on the 25th of july in Freeman and then on the 31st of July we are playing in our friends basement down in Vermillion. That show should be tons of fun. And then we are taking off at the end of August and that is when our new lives will start.

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3 Responses to Tour is drawing near

  1. Ian says:

    Hey, could you guys come to Buffalo? I’ll give you some money.

  2. hooksforhands says:

    I would love to go to Buffalo. Hopefully we get there, I like off the beaten path cities and towns versus major ones.

  3. Caleb says:

    You should come to the west coast! Specifically Portland, though it’s not off the beaten path. I’ve been listening to “The Pretender” a lot lately and wishing I would have gone to see one of your shows when I still lived in South Dakota.

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