another new band pic

numba 2

we got a VAN alright. I will let you know what Isaac names it, so you can be in on our inside jokes.

Best Van names i’ve ever heard:
1. Van Halen
2. ????
– i cant remember anymore but van halen is pretty good.

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6 Responses to another new band pic

  1. isaac says:

    2. milli VANilli
    3. VAN gogh
    4. jean claude BAND VAN
    5. ????

  2. Matt says:

    James VAN der beek… maybe not. then your van would be full of angst. and hair gel.

  3. Zach says:

    VANtastic Voyage
    Jackie VAN
    Martin VAN Buren
    VAN Morrison
    VAN helsing (after the academy award winning movie Van Helsing, starring Hugh Jackman.)
    Hugh JackVAN

  4. Logan says:

    Steely VAN
    Buffy the VANpire slayer

  5. Tony says:

    Isaac, your feet in this photo are great. … in a very dirty sort of way.

  6. gaz says:

    Armand Van Helden – Suxx

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