Reviews – One Track Mind reviews our single

Well here is the article – Yessss good reviews.  Thanks to the guys over at One Track Mind, we need all the momentum we can get. We are gearin up folks we might even have an impromptu show in Iowa City on Thursday. So if you are there come check us out. I’ll post the exact whereabouts later when i get confirmation.welllllllllll

we are already celebrating the win.

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3 Responses to Reviews – One Track Mind reviews our single

  1. Lance says:

    i feel like maybe i moved that yellow love seat into eli’s place some time ago, along with the kitchen sink into the garden….hope your next leg is good.

  2. amy says:

    drooling puppies. sounds about right

    • Syafriz says:

      I like the website’s iafnncy look good colours. I did enjoy the sideview photo of the shop you had before you incorporating that again? Also: was thinking of buying Georges Simenon novels in German for Anja. Do you have any? Will call in this week or next.Hope you’re doing a roaring trade. Actually, I need some tea. So expect my footfall soonish.cheersIan

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