Yeah, that’s right. We’re just hanging out at a little old school called MIT! Maybe you’ve heard of it? Ok, I’m done bragging, it’s not like any of us could actually get accepted to this place in a thousand million years, but Tim’s cousin Sarah did! and is letting us sleep wherever we find a place to in her totally ridiculous dorm complex (where dorm costs cover things like paying for booze at dorm sponsored parties in the basement. yeah, that crazy). Playing at a place called the Middle East here in Cambridge, so we’ll see how that goes for a Sunday night. While I’m at is, I really have to get the pictures of our new Awesome friends from Philly who let us bum around their house for two days and took us out all over town. Their names are Xavior and Kevin and they’re totally rad kids.

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One Response to MIT

  1. you brads were awesome. glad you guys had fun. xavier and kevin are some of the best people you can meet.

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