Back in the Middlewest

Well we’re back in the Middlewest. It feels kind of nice to leave the whimsical land of absurd traffic jams and toll booths every fifteen minutes (that being the east coast). Of course we enjoyed our time there, it feels a little better to be closer to home and familiarity. We played in Des Moines last night, it was our first show with our friends Tarlton. They’ll be on the road with us for a while, and we will be meeting up with Target Market tomorrow for a show in St. Louis. Three bands traveling about the Midwest bringing the noise, bringing the funk. We found a sick skatepark today in Iowa City and we suck at skateboarding but it was still fun as hell.

Oh yeah, and the girl in the picture below is Megan. She lives in Iowa City and is awesome. This is the 4th time she’s let us crash at her house in about two months and is totally rad to us. Her roomate’s name is Andrew and he is also a very solid dude. Thanks guys.

And this is Megan’s cat. His name is Bazooka and he is the most awesome cat I may have ever met.

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