The Mission just got more Impossibler

This is Tarlton. We’ve been playing shows with them for the past 3 days and will play with them again tonight.

Target Market! We’ve also been playing with them for a few days and we will play with them also tonight in Colombia, MO with SO MANY DYNAMOS.

Did you know they sell fireworks year-round in Missouri?
It’s true. It was our duty as Americans to stock up on these bad boys, and we did Uncle Sam proud.

The character in the picture below is Nicholas Ward. It was his birthday yesterday! And he came to our show in Kansas City and was gracious enough to let us stay at his place in Lawrence, KS with GF Amber Hanson and awesome roomates. So we got down last night and this we made awesome breakfast not more than 30 minuets ago. Thanks dudes.

THis is the ghost image of Amber. My lens was foggy when I took it but I still think it looks pretty neat.

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