Back in Seattle

YEAH! It feels rad to be back in Seattle. We’re all getting pumped up for our KEXP performance tomorrow at NOON. That would be 2:00 P.M for anyone in the central time zone. Playing the show at Numeos tomorrow in Seattle with Doctor Doctor and Ironclads. Oh yeah, and here is some footage from our time with the FMLY in New York. Note the very tiny apartment and severe lack of instrumentation. Still, a fun time and fun dudes.

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3 Responses to Back in Seattle

  1. Tony says:

    That blew me away, you guys. great live performance on KEXP. can’t wait to jam with you all again.

    • Dragan says:

      I was ready to agree with you that localities shloud have more control over traffic safety in their jurisdictions, including speed limit controls. However, I did not find that you ended up making that argument at all. It felt more like a rant about the fact that cars are on the road at all. But after finding this site your op-ed certainly makes more sense. It makes thankful that the state still has some control. Still, I’d love to see the source data and your additional thoughts on the stated goal; that localities shloud have more control to set speed limits.

  2. Your Naggy Sister says:

    When the F are you guys coming home?! You can’t be on tour forever you know. I hope you enjoyed your time in Seattle.

    See you at Christmas! 😀

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