Hanging out with our pal Jake “Baby Jake” here in OMaha. Playing at the MF-in Slowdown tonight. Stoked. Oh yeah, and we played a really fun show in Denver two nights ago with an awesome band named I Sank Molly Brown. Which is funny because the night before that show we crashed with our friend in Boise Molly Brown! OMG. “I know right!!?!”
Anyways, we’ve got only 3 shows left after tonight so the times are a’winding down. Sorry I don’t have any pictures of cats or pretty girls for y’all this time, just some dogs and a stupid boring plain. Have fun, more up soon.
Quoth the great Jeff Truckenmiller, “There are no fuckin rules dude.”

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2 Responses to brOMAHAniacs

  1. Lysa says:

    I miss you guys; can’t wait till the home show! Oh and I love the jeff quote.

  2. Lita says:

    God, I love Jeff.

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