Basement Shows and Broken Windows

So the above picture is of Issac (and me, who is taking the picture, obviously) drowning our sorrows away at WacArnolds. The basement show we told ‘yall ’bout last night was a CARAZY fun time, it turned out really well for a last minute show, however, whilst loading in, we had only the bass amp in the back of the van, then this happened…

yup. that’s right. we totally BUSTED out the back window of the van, we are getting it fixed right now, hanging out at good ‘ol mickie d’s.
Anyway, the Fatty Acids put on a helluvah good party. We finally decided to throw the show at about 9 pm and it ended up being crazy well attended.

Anyhoo. We will be keeping our spirits up. We won’t be crowding the plow, just let me be me.

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2 Responses to Basement Shows and Broken Windows

  1. Jordan Wallenfang says:

    I was there! you guys played one helluva show with the fatty acids. Hang Loose! and Rock and Roll!

  2. hooksforhands says:

    apparently these pics make us look like we drink alot

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