Amy’s Room






GiRLS Club Edit


Something To Live For

Made Up of Tiny Lights

The Man Trying to Outfox Us All

Hold On, Come On


6 Responses to AUDIO

  1. Blaze. says:

    Yerr music is ah-mazzzing. Saw you in concert over the summer at the Doug Fir in Portland, and it was awesomee. Keep making music. (: Cheers.

  2. K says:

    The latest single Made Up of Tiny Lights is awesome! Its a fresh track and hope the rest of the new stuff is like that..

  3. Stella says:

    Love your music, and so proud to find South Dakota producing something besides legislative insanity. You should come to Salem, OR and play at my friend’s club, though you’re not really as Metal as most of their bands…I think.
    Their Facebook page is!/wastelandsalem

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  5. Jesse says:

    that was a little too much at 2 am, I’ll listen again at work…

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