September 10th / SDSU / Brookings,SD / All Ages / 6PM / FREE

September 23nd / Maya Jane’s / Vermillion, SD / 21+ / 10PM / FREE

October 6th / University of Wisconsin – Stout / more info TBA

October 7th / Chicago, IL / Quenchers / 9PM / 21+ / $5

October 8th / LaCrosse, WI / more info TBA

November 10th / Rapid City, SD / more info TBA

November 11th / Fort Collins, CO / more info TBA

November 12th / Denver, CO / more info TBA

December 22nd / Sioux Falls, SD / more info TBA


15 Responses to SHOWS

  1. gaz says:

    any chance of jumping the atlantic and coming to play birmingham uk?

  2. f fff says:

    one day
    come hit up austin

  3. gaz says:

    i would love to, where is good to stay?

  4. rounders says:

    I hope you guys are going to play some shows at home around/after christmas.

  5. Sara says:

    Please come to Florida!!! (More specifically, the Tampa Bay area.) It’s sunny and beautiful and we need good music!!!

  6. BPH says:

    Get yer 2010 dates up already, doods.

  7. Katharine says:

    Come back to New York! You guys are my favorite…

  8. Bel says:

    I vote for a Verm-town show at the VAAC, or at least not 21+, pleeease.

  9. Miraculous E says:

    Play some shows in fucking LA(Ca).

  10. Z-Man says:

    Could you get me in to the Chicago show? I’m only 20. Please! I’ll do promo or any of that.

  11. eggtoss says:

    Oh man i know the States love music but you guys need to come up to Toronto, Canada. I’ve got tons of fans waiting for you up here. I’ve been into your music for so long. Just waiting for you to cross the border. Let’s party!

  12. nich says:

    try and get the december 22nd show all ages, me my many friends would love to see you guys

  13. jeremy says:

    who the fk is repping you guys and why are you not bigger, makin no sense, let’s do this!

  14. Chris says:

    How about a house show in West BY GOD Virginia?

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